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"Our Services

LMML operates in various domains; In fact, we operate in the following domains:

     - Lifting

     - Goods handling

     - Transport

     - Lifting procedures

Our technical know-how in lifting, goods handling and our technical competence permits us to provide our customers with a technical support which is more performant and reliable. Thanks to our technical know-how and a remarkable technical support, LMML anticipates and respond to all demands.

Research Department

Our company consists of a Research Department that is responsible for realizing all your demands. Therefore, the objectives of our Research Department are:

  • Validate all technical choices vis-à-vis the applications and specific demands
  • The conception of variance with respect to the cranes standards proposed
  • Verify that our cranes and infrastructure are in conformity with the existing laws of our country
  • Elaborate complete solutions in response to our customers demands.
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